Analyzing multi-channel attribution in affiliate marketing using raw data

Affiliate marketing is an effective, yet still underappreciated way to make money online. More and more global companies create their own affiliate offers, which makes it even more consider-worthy when it comes to looking for an online job. The affiliate marketing market is estimated to grow by 10% every upcoming year, so it’s a great time to get on board if you haven’t done it yet. All of this data supports the conclusion that affiliate marketing is a powerful marketing channel that drives value for merchants, not only through sales but also through brand awareness.

analyzing affiliate statistics

As an advertiser, you need to act fast and get the right data on the spot to make decisions about your budget. One of them is the lack of transparency in your existing tools on what these parties do and what the results of their efforts are. But do you know how to assess the value the affiliate publishers add to your overall performance? When it comes to monetization, affiliate marketing has been a blogger’s bread and butter for as long as I can remember. We hope that we were able to completely clarify the potential of data analytics for businesses.

Ways Statistics Analysis Can Grow Your Partner Marketing Business

These developments demonstrate the significant growth and investment potential of the affiliate marketing software industry, which is attracting a range of investors and entrepreneurs.’s partnership management platform enables brands to engage with individuals for influencer and affiliate marketing. Other new affiliate marketing platforms, such as ShopyMy, are also raising Series A funding in 2022, with approximately $8 million raised. The secret of how to stand out in a highly competitive market lies in adequately setting up the project. Use insights and research to design your affiliate program landscape before choosing a strategy.

analyzing affiliate statistics

More female content creators and influencers are learning the trade, which can reduce the gap in the coming years. Through brand affiliates, brands can reach out to consumers without being too intrusive. Since brand affiliates have followers who trust their content, it can be easier for them to influence or convince people to buy products from brands they endorse. Affiliate networks provided a means for affiliates to work with hundreds of advertisers. The affiliate networks managed both sides of the relationship and took a fee from each. Advertisers found that the networks had little incentive to maximize advertiser revenue.

Global Affiliate Marketing Spending Expected to Reach $14.3B in 2023

Business (25%) and marketing (20%) are not far behind, however, both ranking in the top 10 categories. According to Investopedia, almost 10% of affiliate marketers earn more than $50,000 annually. As it is now, youtube is a viable channel to promote affiliate products as you can easily connect with your audience and convince them to take action.

  • Thanks to the low barrier to entry, thousands of both SMBs and larger companies rely on affiliate marketing as an additional traffic and sales channel.
  • As it is now, youtube is a viable channel to promote affiliate products as you can easily connect with your audience and convince them to take action.
  • When choosing which affiliate program to join, it might be worth checking how much of the merchant’s total traffic originates from mobile devices.
  • In addition, we have used second-party data acquired from a variety of reliable sources.
  • The affiliate marketing software industry raised more than $216 million between 2020 and 2022, with leading the way by raising $150 million based on a $1.5 billion valuation in July 2021.

They handle the paying of affiliate marketers and assisting them to generate more sales for the company. There’s a fast rise in the number of companies adopting affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy and at the same time, the number of affiliates knows no bounds. Zippia’s research team connects data from disparate sources to break down statistics at the job and industry levels. Below you can dig deeper into the data on jobs related to affiliate sales and marketing or browse through Sales jobs.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate marketing program?

Revenue in the affiliate marketing industry as a whole is still very much driven by consumer goods. And they’re known to be more susceptible to seasonal fluctuations in demand. Consumers want to play it safe and avoid overpaying for products online. Not surprisingly, the most popular way to find more information on those items is to type a search query on Google.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms also provide businesses with solutions to monitor audiences. Despite the modern technological scope, 58% of companies still make decisions based on gut feeling or experience. However, a larger percentage of bigger companies with a steady profit growth prefer to base their decisions on data analysis. Also, highly data-driven businesses are 3X more likely to show a significant boost in decision-making.

Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce Brands: What, Why, and How

This ranges from an entry level salary of $49,000 to an experienced Online Affiliate Marketing Manager with years of experience earning an average total compensation of $73,246. We asked our respondents for their views on using influencers for affiliate campaigns. 59% stated that they did, clearly understanding how influencers have a readymade audience they can leverage in your affiliate campaigns.

analyzing affiliate statistics

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